Simple Way to Fix Corrupt Outlook PST File

“Last night when I used Outlook profile it is working. But today when I open my Outlook profile, it is showing that your PST file gets corrupted. I don’t know why this happens. Is there any software which can repair my Outlook PST file?”

If you are experiencing such situations then don’t get panicked you can easily fix corrupt Outlook PST file by using this PST repair software. You can make use of Fix Outlook PST software which can easily repair your Outlook PST file.

Scenarios behind corruption of Outlook PST File:

Virus or Malware Infection: Virus is the common reasons behind corruption of PST file. If it enters into your system hard drive then it damaged or corrupt your PST file. As a result, you can’t access the files which are stored on your Outlook profile.

Presence of Bad Sector: If bad sector present on your system hard drive then it may corrupt your Outlook PST file. Due to presence of bad sector, it makes PST file header corruption results in PST file gets inaccessible.

Sudden System Shutdown: If your system gets shutdown abruptly while you are sending or receiving emails then your PST file may get corrupted.

Oversized PST: PST files created on different Outlook have a fixed size depending upon the version of MS Outlook tool. If your PST file in Outlook exceeds the storage capacity, then Outlook PST file may get damage or corrupt and PST files becomes unreadable.

Other Reasons: System conflicts, improper upgrading of Outlook application, hard drive failure, header file corruption also leads to corruption of PST file.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Install and update antivirus in order to make your system free from virus attack.
  • Don’t close Outlook improperly.
  • Always keep back up of your PST file on some storage device.

Features of Fix Outlook PST software:

  • Fix Outlook PST software fixes the corrupted PST files when built in (ScanPST.exe) repair tool fails to fix up the issues.
  • This repair application provide Preview option through which user can preview the repaired PST file before restoring it to desired location
  • This software is capable of fixing corrupted PST file on different versions of Microsoft Outlook namely Outlook 2003, 2010, 2000 & 2007.
  • It also provides you to fix the corrupted PST file occurred due to, CRC error in PST file, virus, bad sectors, abrupt termination of Outlook, etc.
  • Technical support team is available in 24/7 to help users if they face any issues during the repairing process.
  • Using this software, you can fix high password encrypted PST files with greater ease.
  • Demo version is available for the users to check the effectiveness of the application.
  • It also restores contacts and other Outlook attributes which are emptied from Deleted Items folder.
  • It takes less memory space for installation i.e. 50 MB
  • It recovers emails as well as other attributes like contacts details, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.

Reliable Application to Fix Outlook Error 0x80042108

Fix PST File is one of the reliable and unique software used to fix MS Outlook error 0x80042108. It supports to repair the damaged or corrupted Outlook PST file due to many errors. Fix PST File supports to repair Outlook PST file created on Microsoft Windows operating system includes Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. It has advanced repairing mechanism, that assist to fix MS Outlook error 0X80042108 in safe manner without affecting to your source Outlook PST file. It scans damaged or corrupted Outlook PST file and repairs the errors very quickly with simple steps.

Outlook PST files which stores all the mail account outlook items such as emails, RSS feeds, tasks, events, calendar, notes, appointments, journals, etc. Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client for business and personal purpose users. The PST files are stored on the system hard drive and hence chances of Outlook data file corruption are more.

Some of the common reasons for occurrence of Outlook error 0x80042108:

  • While installing MS Outlook software on your PC or laptop, if the configuration settings are incorrect, then there is a chance of encountering Outlook error 0X80042108. Hence your PST file may ends up with corruption.
  • Suppose you’re working with MS Outlook 2010 version and then updated to higher version to Microsoft Outlook. During the process of updating if any sort of error occurred then your PST file may get damage or corrupt.
  • In case of any bad sectors on your computer hard drive and if that bad sectors contain any PST file then the file becomes inaccessible.
  • Malware is one of the harmful malicious threat that severely damages the Outlook PST file. If the hard drive of the system is attacked by viruses then PST file becomes inaccessible that is stored on the hard drive.
  • When the Outlook PST header file gets damaged because of few errors and abrupt shutdown of system also leads to corruption of Outlook PST data file.
  • Each Outlook PST data file will be occurs the certain memory space on the hard drive. In case if the data on PST file exceeds the limitation of memory then the file gets damage due to oversize PST file. To know more about errors of Outlook PST file visit:

These are the various factors that damages the Outlook PST file. In order to overcome from the above discussed is issues make use of Fix PST File software to fix all the Outlook errors.

Why Fix PST File tool?

Fix PST File utility helps to fix the corrupted PST data file from different storage devices like hard drive, pen drive, memory cards, external HDD, memory sticks, FireWire drives, and so on. It supports to fix severely damaged PST file that is occurred due to various factors namely file system corruption, bad sectors, software malfunction, use of third party software, CRC error, hardware issues, etc. This repair tool consists of powerful inbuilt scanning algorithm so that all kind of Outlook errors can be fixed easily.

It is designed in such a manner that even person without technical knowledge can also regain the damaged PST file without damaging the original file. You can also fix the highly password encrypted Outlook PST file.  If you find any issues then immediately connect the customer support avail 24/7. Fix PST File software provides two types of scanning options they are Smart Scan and Normal Scan you can choose any one depending on the severity of Outlook PST file corruption. In case, your PST file is severely damaged, then select for Smart Scan option otherwise go for Normal Scan to fix the errors of Outlook PST file.

How to fix PST file?

MS Outlook is an efficient application provided by Microsoft for private and also for professional use. It’s got various versions like MS Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007 and recently they’ve launched MS Outlook 2010. All of these have feature of sending and receiving emails, scheduling tasks, RSS feeds as well as others. Sometimes you might face situation where your Outlook profile become inaccessible. PST file corruption will be the major reason of inaccessible Outlook profile. These PST file might be corrupt or damaged because of various reasons. Sometimes while accessing of your respective Outlook profile on your system, if abrupt system turn off happen due to sudden power failure or by software clash happen. In that case your Outlook profile can be inaccessible and also you cannot capable to access all of your Outlook data. But even during such situation don’t quit!!! As Restore PST files application can easily repair the PST file and may allow you to your Outlook profile plus your Outlook data.

When you are sharing your Outlook PST file over any internet network or accessing it from the other remote server, if in this process any interruption occurs or even the process terminates improperly then PST file of this Outlook profile can get corrupt or damaged then you cannot capable to access your vital Outlook data. If you need to fix corrupted PST file you will need to utilize a proper repair tool which best suited in your PST file corruption criteria.

Sometimes if you are accessing your Outlook profile on your system, if your computer has some malicious virus infection then there might be the possibility, that PST files from your Outlook profile may also have corrupt or damaged because of infection of the virus program. In this critical situation you can’t access your Outlook profile as well as Outlook data become inaccessible. Mend damaged PST file is easily possible using the above discussed application.

In case you have deleted a few of your needless Outlook data on the respective Outlook profile. Then data deleted on Outlook profile initially resides inside deleted items folder of MS Outlook application. In case you have deleted data and wish to roll back then it is possible to restore it from deleted items folder. In case you’ve deleted data even from deleted items folder then you definitely it’s not simple to rescue those deleted data. If you wish to rescue Outlook deleted data then you definitely must have to take assistance of the aforementioned Outlook repair application.

It is possible to take some safeguard in order to avoid your Outlook profile from various Outlook inaccessible scenarios. Scan your computer by healthy antivirus tool periodically in order to avoid PST file corruption scenario because of virus infection. To save your Outlook data you have to create proper backup of the Outlook profile. So that when you may face inaccessible Outlook profile because of any reason, then you can definitely retrieve your Outlook data from updated backup.

Restore PST files is definitely an advanced featured software to repair corruption of PST files. That will have corrupted due to the above written PST file corruption scenario. Even damaged Outlook PST files repair could be possible by employing this efficient tool. PST file corruption because of file system corruption of hard drive can be fixed.  If you want to know more about restoring PST file read here

Outlook contacts recovery from PST file

Email clients are traditionally used by present day professionals since they utilize multiple mail accounts. MS Outlook is one such email client that you will find that mostly liked by Windows users. It’s used for both personal and business purposes due to the wonderful features of Outlook. Outlook stores every one of the data of the profile in .pst data format and therefore the files are classified as PST files meaning personal storage table. PST file is a sort of database on the hard drive that stores all the mail account attributes like contacts, emails (inbox, sent items, outbox), calendar, tasks, journals, etc.

Since PST file is stored on the system hard drive, just like all the other files and folders you’ll be able to lose data from PST files. Explaining this with a practical scenario, consider losing contacts from PST file. Assume that you wished to delete some old contacts from the Outlook contacts folder. You deleted one after the other as well as there are many contacts that have to be deleted, so you deleted all in a bulk. Due to this you deleted some important contacts too. But not a problem you can restore it from Deleted Items folder. But accidentally you permanently deleted every one of the contents from this folder thereby you lost one of the most important data through the PST file. Loss of data from outlook PST is caused because of different reasons and some are mentioned here:

  • Outlook termination – While accessing data on Outlook PST file if your system suddenly freezes or if system is made to turn off without proper closing of Outlook it could lead to corruption of files.
  • Due to compression: Generally compressing a huge PST file is advantageous to save that file with less space on the hard disk drive. But if any error occurs during compression method then it is more likely that the file might get corrupt.
  • Improper synchronization of internet data: If the internet is just not properly connected when the data is synchronized from server to outlook PST file then some data go missing or even the file becomes inaccessible.
  • Oversized PST file: When the PST file is been used for longer duration and if the limited memory of that file gets full then the file becomes oversized and therefore it will not open and becomes inaccessible.

There are many such issues that cause PST file corruption or data loss. You can perform outlook pst file recovery easily by making use of pst repair utility. Mentioned here are a few options that come with the application.
• Effectively repairs all outlook PST objects like emails, contacts, attachments, tasks, journals, etc.
• Repairs broken PST files, password protected and encrypted PST files.
• Repairs all PST files from various versions of MS Outlook like Outlook 2007, 2003, 2010, 2000.
• Repairs highly damaged PST files and recover all data within few steps.
• Recovers corrupt PST file data from oversized or virus affected PST files.

If you have lost contacts from outlook PST file then the software solves the question in your head, how to restore lost contacts? Use this repair tool by downloading the demo version and run it on the system where your PST file resides. If you are satisfied with the performance of the software you can purchase the complete version.

How to Repair Outlook PST

While you’re trying to access your PST file, it seems the file is broken or perhaps the details are not readable. Whenever you save all of your data or files around the Outlook then a files get stored as the PST files. In Outlook, the PST files are widely used to maintain data systematically. This Outlook facilities you with all the use of the existing emails, records, data even when there is absolutely no connection to the internet on the system. However, it happens sometime if you lost accessibility PST files. You will want the precise PST fixing tool for the corrupted data like Fix My PST software. By using it you can actually fix PST files corruption. All the corrupted files saved about the Outlook is going to be repair rear.

Since PST record includes the main and the personal information, experts recommend that you maintain a standard support of the PST files. Nevertheless, having the require for the particular PST report, you may neglect to sustain your support in the essential PST files. This type of circumstances became significant and it will cause data loss. To correct the corrupted PST documents, you may use the particular Fix My PST software in your Outlook application. In most situation if your PST file is incorporated in the initial stage of the file corruption then the MS outlook try to repair the files. When it won’t get execute around the proper file repair the you ought to be dependent upon the most efficient PST repair tool which repair archive PST file.

What are the reasons from the PST file corruption on MS Outlook? Virus attack is frequently responsible for the PST data corrupted. The dangerous viruses in some situations affect the respective file extensions. The Updated Outlook edition does not support all of the PST files around the Outlook. In order that the PST files get affected and damaged. Might be you are attempting to compress the larger size PST files possibly at the time of doing this some files may also get corrupted. In case when the respective system hard drive get failure the also it’s likely that there with the PST file corruption. If your PST quality exceeds its limit of storing data then your files that are previously stored for the Outlook folder get corrupted or odds are there from the data corruption.

Fix My PST will be the software that can help you in all type of file corruption scenarios. You can also be quite sure regarding more effective repair process. Quite certain that the Fix my PST software perhaps repair greatly dangerous PST file. You need not spend a lot of time to the PST repair method. The applying actually retrieves removed emails then repairs the corrupted one with all the unique ease of the tool. It really creates the exact copy from the repaired PST file and yes it doesn’t even cause any additional injury to the previously corrupted file. Therefore, the software you will get it now since it is undoubtedly very safe to utilize with no probability of drawback mainly because it comes with a free trial edition with the software.