How to Recover Transcend Memory Card?

“Hello guys, can anybody please help me, how to recoup erased data from Transcend memory card? While yesterday I connected my 16 GB Transcend memory card to windows computer, it shows a message like ‘The drive is not formatted, would you like to format it now?’ erroneously I answered with pressing on Yes option. All the collection got formatted and it is empty. Presently I am excessively agonized over recovering it. So if you have any solution for recovering, please help me”

The aforementioned is the most well-known reason that you face if your Transcend memory card’s file system corrupted from virus. But don’t feel stress!!! By utilizing proper memory card recovery tool named as Recover Memory Card software, you can recover Transcend memory card data lost because of different reasons in least difficult way. Those different reasons are mentioned below.

 Why data from Transcend memory card become lost?

The data saved in Transcend memory card will lost due to file system corruption. At whatever point you connect your Transcend memory card to virus infected system, it will corrupt the file system of Transcend memory card and makes you to format it by showing blunder message like ‘The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?’ In such cases if you react positively, entire data will get lost from Transcend memory card.

In some cases the vital files stored in Transcend memory card will get to be lost because of human mistake. I.e. sometimes user may erase some essential files inadvertently by utilizing Shift+Delete option while erasing undesirable files brings about losing critical files stored in Transcend memory card.

The user has to follow proper ejection procedure at the time of ejecting Transcend memory card from computer. However failing to follow appropriate ejection procedure to eject Transcend memory card may brings about losing files from Transcend memory card.

However In such circumstance, it is prescribed to utilize Recover Memory Card software to get back lost data from Transcend memory card. At the same time keep it in your mind that you can only recover lost Transcend memory card data before it gets overwritten by new data. Click here to know more about Recover Memory Card software

Notable features of Recover Memory Card software

Recover Memory Card software is the smart application that permits user to recuperate files from Transcend memory card. It has unique scanning algorithm which helps in profound scanning of whole Transcend memory card to get back lost data by taking less measure of time. This can recover more than 300 types of files based on their unique signature. Furthermore this product will permits user to recuperate erased documents from diverse kind of storage media like SD cards, SDHC, XD cards and so on of distinctive manufacturing brands, for example, Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk and so forth. And this software can likewise perform well in both windows and Mac system.