All You Need to Know About CF Card Data Recovery

Compact Flash (CF) card is a storage device which is most used in portable electronics devices like professional digital cameras, camcorders, etc. It is quite larger in size compared to memory cards like SD card, XD card etc. There are many CF card brands are available in the market including SanDisk, Canon, Kingston, KingMax, Sony, etc.
Just like other storage devices, you may lose your data from CF card as well. There are many reasons to lose your data from CF card like accidentally formatting the CF card by clicking ok to format error messages, improper ejection of the CF card from the camera, etc. So if u lost any data from your CF card then you need not worry because you can retrieve that lost data by using CF card data recovery tool easily. You can even recover permanently deleted data (like Shift+Delete, deleting using command prompt, etc) also.

CF card data recovery:
In common most of people believe that the lost or permanently deleted data cannot be retrieved from the CF card. However this is not true. When you delete or lost some data only the references to that data are deleted. The actual data will not be erased from the CF card so there is a possibility to recover that lost or permanently deleted data. From this tool you can recover your lost or permanently deleted data very easily and quickly.

Features of CF card data recovery software:
• It supports recovery of many file types like JPG, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.
• Very simple user interface to recover data from CF card. Appropriate guidance to the user at each and every step. Within few clicks you can recover your data.
• Compatible on both Mac and Windows systems.
• You can even recover data from your inaccessible CF card.
• You can have a preview of the recovered data after scanning process if you are satisfied with this result then you can recover your data by purchasing the original software.

Some Common Data loss scenarios:
Due to CF card corruption: When you are using the CF card in one gadget it has to adapt to its file system. When you are using it on different gadgets it has to adapt to those all different file formats. Any failure in adapting to a file format leads to file system corruption obviously this causes data loss.
Due to virus infection: While you are moving photos or any other data from CF card to your PC, if that PC has any malware or virus then that may enter into the CF card and may corrupt the files in that CF card so there is a possibility of data loss.
While making cut paste operation: while moving some image files from a folder of the CF card to the other folder of the same CF card using cut paste operation if power failure occurs then you will lose your data.
• Accidentally deleting the images from your CF card by pressing delete button in the camera.
Ejecting the CF card when that is in use: like when you are moving some pictures from CF card to PC, if you abruptly removed your CF card then you will lose your data.

Precautions to be taken to avoid CF card data loss
• Avoid using the same CF card on different gadgets.
• Don’t connect the CF card to the PC which is having any viruses.
• Don’t eject your CF card while any operation is going on your CF card when by the PC or by camera.