Useful Tips to Convert Mailbox to PST

Nowadays, emails play a vital role in communicating people for business as well as personal use. The Microsoft Outlook is mainly used for sending, receiving and for storing emails in mailbox. Apart from emails, Outlook also stores notes, journals, calendar items, appointments, contacts etc. All such attributes are stored on a file called OST file that is situated on your system not on exchange server. Microsoft Outlook has several versions such as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 etc. There is also a size limit for instance Outlook 2000 have 2 GB, Outlook 2003 has 20 GB etc. Sometimes OST file might get damage if it exceeds it size limit consequent to their Outlook versions.

There are many other reasons responsible for corruption of OST mailbox due to which you are unable to access data from it. Some of them are inappropriate file compression, due to header corruption, virus attack etc. Your OST mailbox gets corrupt and is explained briefly due to these frequent scenarios:

In some event, presented Outlook may get severely corrupt OST file resulting in loss of important emails from mailbox. Frequently in offices, many employees share a single OST file over network. While sharing OST files, the user may alter or use the same OST file at the same time there might be chance of corruption of OST file.

Sometimes, user thinks to acquire some extra space to store other valuable data in it, and then they go for compression of OST file by applying any third party application. During compressing, any error occurs due to improper compression then it may results in OST file corruption and it leads in damaging the mailbox.

There is a header for every OST file, which encloses all information of OST file such as creation date, file modified date, size details, type of file etc. If header file gets damage then all the mailbox items becomes inaccessible. This type of instance takes place due to some incidents like sudden power failure, improper system turn off, virus threats, during file sharing any interruption occurs over network etc. One more thing if virus is present on the hard drive can concern the mailbox by destructive it. In the same fashion, if system get shutdown suddenly when outlook application is running may also result in corruption of OST file. Rather than this OST file gets corrupt whenever it crosses its size limit. To get out of this problem the simple way is to delete the useless items regularly. However, after knowing all the situations of OST mailbox corruption, the question comes in mind is how to repair it. The most simple and easy way to get back such corrupted files is to use the efficient conversion software like convert mailbox to PST.

This convert OST to PST application comes with advanced features and supports all version of Windows Outlook versions 2007, 2003, 2000 and 2010. It is a smart tool and not only converts the password protected, compressed OST file to PST files and converts Outlook emails, appointments, notes, calendar, tasks etc. on all versions of Windows based PC. By employing this software, you can easily convert exchange OST to PST. To get more related information on how to convert it please visit here     

Ways to Convert OST to PST in Windows

The PST (Personal storage table) is a file format in Microsoft Outlook application. It contains list of mails, contact list, calendar entries, personal data, tasks, journals, attachments, and RSS feeds etc. Microsoft Outlook is a popular application because it provides shared, multiuser applications. This software can be used as a standalone application; it also works with Microsoft exchange server. It will support multiple email accounts. You can also access data without internet this is because of cashing the data in offline mode.

The offline folder of Microsoft outlook is stored in OST file format. It is stored in hard disk of your system. OST file plays a vital role, because it provides all the entries of Outlook in offline mode. If OST file get corruption then you cannot access those files. These inaccessible OST files are called orphans.  You can to convert OST to PST in Windows order to access important mailbox.

You may come across some problems while converting OST to PST:


  • While converting OST to PST in Windows if you face any synchronization an error which causes hindrance in conversion of Outlook OST to PST. Some of synchronization errors are as follows
    • Synchronization of organizational forms: This lead to form without data,
    • Synchronization of security settings: In Outlook if any public folder applies a new security settings then the original setting are not available.
    • Synchronization of favorite folders: Public folders cannot synchronize; you should have username and password otherwise all folders remains in unsynchronized form.
  • Power failure is also plays an important role while converting OST to PST file in Windows, it will cause interruption of the conversion process. Thus maintain external power supply devices like UPS.
  • Network failure or slow internet connectivity can cause the OST files inaccessible during conversion of OST to PST in Windows.

 In order to overcome the problems during conversion of OST to PST you have to maintain proper backup to the OST files. There is inbuilt index repair tool called scanpst is used to repair corrupted OST files in some extent but identifying repaired OST files is difficult. Do not convert OST files which are in synchronized form first convert them into non-synchronized form and then convert it to PST file. If the OST file is damaged and cannot be converted into PST, then make use of reliable convert OST to PST File software.

You can convert healthy or corrupted or password protected OST files to PST files in Windows by using convert OST to PST software. It will work very efficiently in a less spam of time. By using this software you can retrieve emails, notes, calendars, tasks, journals, attachments, appointments and RSS feeds etc in PST format as it is. Software also supports different Microsoft Outlook versions 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010. This software also works with operating systems like Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

 Steps to convert OST to PST in Windows:

 Step1: Download and launch the software. The main window will appear, click on “Open OST file“option.

Step2:  After it will navigate to next screen select “Browse” button to upload OST file and if OST file uploaded successfully then click on “Next” button.

Step3: Next the software will begin to convert OST file to PST file, later you have to select “Browse” button to restore converted OST file. Then click on “Convert” button.

Convert OST to PST is software to convert OST to PST file within few steps. You can also download the trial version of the software. Click here to download. If satisfied with the process, then you can purchase the software.