Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Data on Mac OS X

Mac OS is an Operating System, created to work on Apple’s Computer. Macintosh is the abbreviated as Mac. This OS can support various UNIX applications as well along with binary applications. Mac also provides many security measures like file handling to prevent the system from data loss/deletion.

Even though Mac OS X computers implement various security measures, data loss can happen from Mac computer sometimes. This may be due to the remissness of the Mac user. But recovering those lost files is not a big deal. You can easily recover the deleted or lost data with the help of Mac Data Recovery Software. It is one of the most widely used tool to recover lost data on Mac OS X in a very efficient way. Using this software, you to easily recover Mac data on different versions of Mac.

Common Data Loss Situations in Mac OS X

  • Accidental Deletion of Files: Files that are deleted using the combination of Command + Delete” key will neglect Trash, and it will be deleted permanently, which results in permanent data deletion.
  • Formatting or Reformatting of Mac Volumes: During the time of formatting or re-formatting the volumes, instead of deleting a particular volume, you may delete some other important volumes. Due to such mistakes, your volume can be deleted completely.
  • File Loss at the Time Of Transferring: During transfer the of data , if you come across some unexpected conditions, then there are chances for data loss from your Mac volume. Also, if Mac system turned off improperly, then the files that are under progress may get missing from the volume.
  • Other Causes for Data Loss: Catalog File or Journal corruption may lead to permanent data loss. Sometimes, the usage of third party tools to create / delete partitions on Mac might delete the files in your computer.

Why to use this software?

  • It is one of the most recommended software by many industry professionals to recover lost data in different versions of Mac like Mountain Lion, Leopard, Lion , Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Yosemite.
  • With the help of Mac Data Recovery Software, data can be restored from inaccessible volumes.
  • Deleted or lost files from IDE , SATA and SCSI hard drives can be recovered using this application.
  • Disk images are created to skip bad sectors; So that, you can recover data from these disk images later.
  • It can recover files from Mac partitions like HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32.
  • On the basis of unique signatures, different types of files can be recovered using Mac Data Recovery Sofware.
  • The Mac Universal Binary application, can support both Power PC and Intel Hardware.
  • Before data restoration is done, you can actually preview the files, that are to be recovered.
  • Recovered data can be sorted on the basis of file type, size, name and date. And with the help of Mac finder styled interface the recovered data can be viewed.
  • Save Recovery Session” will let you to resume the recovery or saving process at any instant of time. You can avoid re-scanning of your partition by using this option.

Data Recovery from Unreadable Mac Hard Disk

Have your data got unreadable from Mac hard drive due to known or unknown reasons and are you searching for perfect recover tool to get back your inaccessible data? If yes, read out this article which guides you to perform recovery process in an easy method.   

About Mac Hard Drive:

Hard drive comes along with Mac based system which is used to store large amount of data that are created by users or stored for future purposes. Besides, hard drive is available on various storage capacities in which the user can hold it according to their demands. Due to its advanced techniques and security reasons many users are using Mac system irrespective to its cost.

Having Macintosh system is a huge advantage as it provides plentiful of advantages but still there are chances for data to become unreadable or inaccessible due to numerous reasons which are mentioned below. Fortunately, by using Mac recovery software the files which are unreadable from hard drive can be recovered easily in a short period of time. It is the common retrieving tool recommended by many industry professionals to recover files from unreadable Mac hard drive in a simple and effective way.

How Mac hard drive becomes unreadable?

Here are some of the reasons on how Macintosh hard drive become inaccessible or unreadable…

Volume Error: You might decide to partition the volume due to various reasons. While doing the partitioning, if the Mac system got shutdown due to power failure or unknown technical glitches then there are chances for volume to get corrupted which in turn leads to unreadable of data from Mac hard drive. To overcome from this kind of situation you can effectively make use of this reliable software to get back the unreadable files from Mac hard drive.

Abrupt System Shutdown: While accessing on important files, if the Mac system abruptly got shut down due to any malfunctioning then there are possibilities for files to get unreadable from Mac hard drive. If you have faced similar kind of situation then you can use this dependable tool to restore the unreadable files from Mac hard drive.

Intentional Formatting: Sometimes, when you open the Macintosh hard drive to access the files then it might force you to format the volume. Due to this sort of incidence, you will be blocked from accessing the data on Mac hard drive thus to get rid of this hectic situation you might intentionally force the volume which might leads to inaccessible of data from Macintosh hard disk. Anyhow, by using Mac recovery software you can recover unreadable hard drive Mac data in an easy way.

Features of Mac Recovery Software:

  • Mac Recovery software is one of the most recommended tools to retrieve any kind of data which is unreadable from Macintosh system hard drive.
  • This software consists of built in deep scanning algorithms which finds and recover data from inaccessible Macintosh volumes due to formatting, hard drive crash or volume crash.
  • By using this perfect recovery software, user can identify and recover various unreadable files on the basis of their unique signature such as date, created date, modified date, size and file location.
  • This advanced tool facility allows user to recover data from other storage devices such as flash cards, USB external device, FireWire and iPods.
  • Besides, data which is lost from HFS, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes can be retrieved by using Mac Recovery software.
  • As soon as the files are recovered from unreadable Mac hard drive, it can be sorted on the basis of file name, file size, date and file location.
  • With the usage of this reliable recovery tool, you can retrieve unreadable from various brands of external hard disk such as Seagate, Toshiba, Maxtor, Dell, Samsung, Sony, WD and many others.
  • As soon as the required files are found you can resume the process by using save recovery session. It also makes sure that you don’t need to re-scan the recovered files again.
  • Also, preview option in this software allows you the preview the restored files before storing into any desired location.
  • This reliable software has the capability to work on various Macintosh OS (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite) to recover unreadable hard drive Mac.

Software to Get Access of Files on a Mac Formatted Drive

Software to Get Access of Files on a Mac Formatted Drive

Have you lost files on formatted Mac drive? Formatting is the process of temporarily deleting entire data and files existing on the Mac. It is necessary to do whenever your Mac undergoes some defects like files system corruption, header file corruption, virus attack, catalog corruption, etc. You might have formatted the hard disk of your Mac machine to remove corruptions occurring on it. In performing formatting of the drive, there is probability of getting data lost.

It is best to take a backup copy of the entire files/folders present on it so that, if any kinds of data loss problems occur on the Mac due to formatting then we can get all the required data from the backup which we have taken for this event.  But unfortunately there will also be events when you would be not able to get access of the files that you are looking for and the backup which you have taken is also somehow missing at that particular time. In such situations, if the inaccessible files are very important like business document, beautiful pictures, PPTS, PPTX files, then you may get so tensed.

If this is the case with you, then forget all your worries by employing our tool on your Macintosh machine.  To recover Mac data on formatted hard disk it is best software available. Make use of this application program on your system to get access of all the files on the formatted hard disk of the Mac. It is easy to use and efficiently make you to have access of the files on all the formatted hard disk like HFS+, HFSX, NTFS, etc.

How this Software Works to Provide Access of the File to Users?

  •  You might be so curious to know the working of this tool. So here you go with the answers of all your questions and curiosity like how to access files on a Mac formatted drive? etc. To retrieve lost files on the formatted hard disk, this software will scan every single sector of the hard disk of your Macintosh PC and will represent all the files, which it had found during scanning of the drive. You can preview all those files and can save them with the use of latest full version of this amazing tool. You must utilize this tool for the perfect, easy, fastest, entire recovery of the inaccessible files on the formatted Mac hard drive. It is the only software which offers all the features together in one package.

Features of this Multitalented Tool

  • It provides you preview of the all the file types like PPTX, PPT, DOCX, DOC, image files, audio/video files, and many others along with the quick and user friendly nature
  • You can apply this software on all type of Macintosh OS X versions e.g. Macintosh OS X lion, snow leopard, panther, etc. and all kind of drive utilized on it for example NTFS, FAT, USB, Memory Stick and several others
  • This software is a multitasking tool which can recover all kind of Mac files with in few mouse clicks
  • It provides simple user interface along with the free trial version.

Proficient Software to Rescue Data from Mac Hard Drive

Mac hard drive is a storage device which is used to store large amount of data. Because of this prominent feature most of us store lot of important and confidential information. Obviously, storing large amount of data increases the chances of data loss due to any external threats. Are you unable to access important files and folders from the Mac hard drive? Is it possible to get back data from Mac hard drive? If yes, then don’t get carried away as there is software named as Mac file recovery tool that will readily redeem files from Mac drive effortlessly.

This software has been natively designed and developed by expert group of professionals to easily restore data deleted or missing from Mac drives efficiently. With the help of this Macintosh hard drive recovery software you can bring back data from hard drive of different types such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc of popular manufacturing brands of hard drive like Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, Toshiba, Maxtor, LaCie, etc with ease. To prevent further data loss need to take proper back up of data and avoid using Mac drive to prevent data overwriting.

Factors responsible for data loss from Mac drive:

  • Unintentional formatting: If you will unknowingly right click on the particular Mac drive and select the format option. This will lead to complete format of Mac drive making the entire stored data inaccessible.
  • Volume header corruption: The volume header consists of detailed information regarding all the file and folders. Unexpectedly, if the volume header gets corrupt due to severe virus infection can lead to data loss.
  • File system corruption: Usually the file system such as FAT or NTFS holds all the important information. If the file system gets damaged due to abrupt system shutdown or due to any other reason will lead to data loss.
  • MBR corruption: If the Master Boot record gets damaged due to sudden power failure, then the corresponding Mac operating system fail to boot making the entire data inaccessible.

In order to overcome Mac drive data loss scenarios, you need to make use of a professional tool named as Mac file recovery software. Even if your Mac drive is facing problems such as accidental deletion of files from trash bin leading to emptying of trash bin then make use of universal binary application named as Mac trash bin file recovery with great ease. Make use of this award winning software to redeem 300 different files including photo, audio, video, document, spreadsheets, etc based on their unique signatures. Employing this user friendly software you can restore data from reformatted, partitioned and repartitioned HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 formatted partitions / volumes.

Now it’s possible even for a novice user to rescue Mac drive data lost due to due to usage of “Command + Shift + Delete” option by selecting particular file, journal corruption, catalog file corruption, usage of third party software, bad sectors, etc with utmost ease. This software will allow you to redeem data from iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc drives. You can employ this easy to use application so called as Mac recovery program to regain files from Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc within just few clicks.

Simple way to undelete files from Mac OS X

Mac OS X is often a famous OS for Macintosh series of system. It is developed and launched by Apple Inc. It contains various useful, interesting features and in addition it provides safe, secure and reliable data storage. OS X supports numerous advanced applications such as iMovie, Garage Bands, iTunes, iPhoto, and iDVD, etc. for media files. Mac Operating System supports FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS and HFS+ file systems. OS X is bit costlier in comparison with other Operating Systems.

In some situations OS X may undergoes data loss scenarios, the common reasons for data loss are human errors or software conflicts. Let us have a look at data deletion scenario on OS X, where user stunned by noticing that he lost some of important files from his Mac system. While scanning PC using anti-virus application, sometimes files may get deleted, while failing to fix severely affected file. Therefore, that software deletes a number of the malware infected files. It is not necessary to worry about deleted files, as you have valid Mac OS X File Recovery tool that restores all deleted or erased files efficiently. It may provide best solution to the query like how to undelete videos on Mac OS? It can provide detailed approach to restores all videos files including music files, pictures, etc.
The most common file deletion scenarios on OS X are:

  • Usually after deleting the files using “Delete” option, files move to system Trash. If you make use of Shift + Command + Delete key combination to clear files from trash, then those files gets deleted from it, making  it impossible to retrieve files from it.
  •  If you accidentally hit on “Empty Trash” option while opening Trash folder or choosing “Delete” option while restoring some important files from Trash, then those file get deleted permanently.
  • Virus or malware attack is one of the major problems that bring about loss or deletion of files saved on Mac OS X. Malwares may infect the HD, this may direct to loss of huge number of files preserved on PC.
  • Whenever you accidentally delete files from removable storage devices that connected to the Mac system then those files do not get directed to the Mac Trash and gets deleted from the system

Apart from previously discussed scenarios, files may go missing due to hard drive crash, accidental formatting of Mac volumes, deleting volumes, disk fragmentation, abrupt system shutdown, etc. In case, if you encounter these abnormalities, then choose valid OS X File Recovery software to bring back deleted or lost files.
Precautions and suggestion to be taken:

  • Backup your essential files using any external storage device and look after genuine anti-virus program in order to avoid malware attack.
  • Instantly stops storing of file or documents in to the Mac system volume. In the event, it you read or write any files, then overwriting of file will occur on system space for storing, so you may loss file forever.

Features of Mac OS X Recovery application:

Mac Recovery utility developed with advanced scanning algorithms to bring back lost files from, Operating-system crash, disk fragmentation, accidentally deletion or formatting etc. With the aid of Mac finder styled interface you can preview retrieved files before saving them on Computer. It can support for both 32 bit and 64-bit Mac Main system. Mac Deleted File Recovery software offers consistent outcomes to different versions in the Mac Operating System like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion, etc. Additionally, it restores files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes. It is possible to recover deleted files from various types of system drives like  IDE, SCSI, SATA, etc.

It could restore deleted files from external storage devices like memory cards, (SD cards, CF cards, XD card and MMC cards, memory sticks, etc.), pen drives, iPods and Fire Wire drives. According to file name, file extension, file size and date of creation, the application can sorts the restored files. Therefore, you can easily recognize missing or erased files.

It’s simple and easy GUI instructs you to restore data without any technical knowledge. To check and verify performance of this software you can use free demo edition. The demo version provides merely the preview from the retrieved files, to save them on preferred location you should purchase original version. It is strongly suggested not to set up this tool on volume in which you’ve got lost the files.

Recover Deleted Files on Mac

It is very much essential to keep the files on the Mac hard drive safely. All the data you preferably like to store on the computer hard drive or on the other storage space. But in every cases the saved or stored data are not safe because of few scenarios. So its so much essential for you to maintain the safety of the saved data on the hard drive. When the user faces the loss problem, most of them consider the situation as the permanent data loss as they believe that if the files get deleted once they are not recoverable. But you must be happy to know that you can actually restore your lost images from the Macintosh hard drives. Its really very easy to recover deleted files on Mac with the Mac Recover Deleted Files Software.

Mac systems are known for its extra capability to store large amount of data more safely and systematically on the hard drive. While you are using the Mac operating system then its for sure that chances of losing data is very less. As the Mac systems are very hard to get effected due to any kind of virus or the malware attack. Sometime the user preferably save their data on other storage devices like the USB drive or the memory cards because of their portability. You can even recover deleted files from flash drive, memory cards, pen drives on these Mac systems using the above-mentioned data recovery software. These are the most awaited solution for them who had suffered a lot in the process of restoring or getting back the lost files.

Some situation when the user faces the data loss problem on the Mac system is mention here. Accidental deletion of the files on the hard drive regarding the wrong file selection for deletion is the reason of the data loss. After the initial data deletion the files initially goes to the Trash Bin folder. But if you select the command + Delete option to delete the data then it will get deleted permanently as this time those files won’t go to the Trash Bin folder. Or mistakenly formatting the hard drive data or any single partition takes away the saved data on it. In some situations, your hard disk stops functioning properly or else it get crashed due to sudden system shut down or the improper handling procedure of the system. At this time, you may lose a large amount of stored files from the hard drive.

Mac Recover Deleted Files is an excellent choice to restore the deleted or lost files as it comes with the easiest at the same time the most effective data recovery solution. According the special file signature of the lost files, this software retrieves the lost data. So there is no possibility of the file missing. It is supported by the FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+ partitions of the hard drives. This is the software, which does not bother about how you have lost your data. In every possible situation, it will retrieve the files. Get it here now to perform the data recovery on the Macintosh hard drive to retrieve your required lost data.

A Needed Tool that Recovers Files Deleted from Trash

I am using a Mac OS x lion for my Mac book pro. I used third party software to clean my PC to clean my PC safari browser cache alone. But unfortunately it just emptied the trash too. I kept some of the future important file in that directory. I need that now is there any specific tool that solves these kinds of issues. If so give me a hint?

I am using a Mac book pro. Routinely I tried to start my Mac but suddenly the system freezes and shows “An error occurred during the file system check”. And because of this I lost my trash files too. How to resolve this issue and suggest me a good tool for mac data recovery software?

There is a lesson to be taught regarding using third party software to clean the computer. Before using a third party tool like c cleaner make sure what are the default function of that tool and moreover try to learn the outcome of each and every functions contained in it. Here the data can be recovered with the help of a recovery tool but only to some extent. If the third party tool performs defragmentation to the drive the chance of recovery is negligible and expensive too.

Whenever you turn on your Mac PC, you will get an error like “An error occurred during the file system check” or sometimes, you may get “inode Error”. These error messages are due to file system corruption or there may be a change in the file index header. The difference between the errors messages are, first one is because the file system in the hard drive may lose its initial data which is required to initiate the file process. The second is similar to the first but the data inaccessible is due to big memory fetch required by the process and not available currently. In both of the scenarios there is a chance to lose the files in the trash directory because whenever you move a file to trash only the files index pointer will be moved to the trash .The rest actual file will remains in the drive itself. The files that got around the trash folder can be recovered easily with the help of recovery software.

A few of the valid reasons that support the tool are

  • Ø Extremely capable of restoring files from unmounted disk volumes and hard disks with bad sectors
  • Ø This software alone is much enough to recover datas from both internal and external storage devices.
  • Ø Offer good support for Mac OS 10.x and other versions and a better performer in HFS+ and HFSX file systems
  • Ø Also recovers almost all type of file formats from Mac volumes without any difficulty.

Some use full points to remember

  • Ø Do not save any files on the Mac hard disk from where you lost or deleted the data file. Once the files are deleted they are not permanently truncated. They exist on the hard disk drive until the storage space where the files were stored is overwritten either by new files or by some other third party applications. it is better to avoid using hard drives
  • Ø Avoid installing Mac trash recovery tool or any other application on the same drive that has been formatted or from where you have erased the information. Once the data is recovered using Mac trash recovery software program, save it on other healthy drive to avoid permanent data loss

Needed can reach the download option from here and make use of the installation notes for further assistance. And not recommended for HFS file systems

How will you restore deleted files on Mac?

Have you accidentally deleted an important file instead of some unwanted file on Mac and looking forward to recover the deleted files? No need to worry, you can try Mac recovery software which can easily recover deleted files on Mac. To know more about the software just deeply go through the below described article.

First let’s see what is Mac OS?

Mac operating system is the most famous OS designed and launched by Apple. In the field of computers worlds, it is regarded as one of the best innovations simply because of its advanced features which made it attractive towards people. This operating system is created on UNIX platform, which makes it very safe and secure. Millions of people highly prefer Mac based computer since it can allow several types of data storage devices to use with Mac. Apple has introduced various devices like iPod, iPhones, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air etc. The file system used by Mac is HFSX and HFS+. This file system helps you to organize your stored data in a proper manner. But there are times where you may lose your data even from these Mac drives because of some reasons like malware attack, catalog file corruption, OS crash etc.

After losing data from Mac drives or any other removable device you can effectively recover it by making use of Mac recovery software. Before you proceed with the recovery process, you must also be familiar with some more cases of data loss which might occur in your future.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Removing the storage device improperly when connected to Mac computer to transfer or copy files which makes the data inaccessible resulting in loss of data.
  • Unintentionally formatting or reformatting the hard drive without having proper backup of data causes data loss.
  • Emptying Trash bin also leads to loss of important file stored in it.
  • Sometimes by accident, you may delete some of your valuable data by using “Command+Delete” keys combination instead of some unwanted files.
  • Corruption of Journal file which includes file system information is the other main reason behind data loss.

Precautions to be followed:

  • Always prefer reliable power supply to prevent your computer from improper shutdown.
  • Remove the data storage device connected to computer using “safely remove hardware” option.
  • Keep your computer updated with good antivirus software to make your computer free from viruses.
  • Maintain regular backup of important data.

However, if you are going through any of the data loss scenarios even after following the above mentioned precautions then don’t worry!! It is simple to recover deleted or lost by using Mac recovery software. This software comes up with in-built powerful scanning algorithm which can simply identify the file type and restore the deleted or lost files on Mac. It works easily with all the versions of Mac OS X like Tiger, Lion, leopard, Panther etc. By using this recovery program you can effectively retrieve data from corrupted HFS+ and HFSX file systems. To use the software you need to follow certain basic steps which are described below.

Get its free version and install it on Mac’s hard disk. Now just run the software and select appropriate recovery options which you face while working with the Mac recovery software. Once you are done with the data restoration process you can judge the performance of the tool and if you’re amazed with the recovery results you can opt for the full version available online.