Simple Way to Recover Files from RAW Partitions

In any system, hard drive plays an important role. You can store you all important data in your system hard drive for a long time period. To arrange those files in an order, you can make different partitions in different sizes. Sometimes a damaged partition/volume may look like it lost its file system and CHKDSK tool will complain that file system is raw. The most typical symptom of a raw file system is when you see this message in your system screen, “You need to format the disk in drive R: before you can use it.”

recover lost hard drive data

However, if you are experiencing this type of problem and searching a tool to recover lost files from raw partition then don’t go anywhere. You just download Laptop Disk Recovery software, install it in your system and recover files from raw partitions within few simple clicks of the mouse. Laptop Disk Recovery software has a simple user-friendly interface which is designed and developed by our group of experts. This tool is also available for free downloading. So you check the efficiency of this tool and after full satisfaction, you can purchase the full version of this tool.

In which scenarios, files loss from raw partition:

  • Due to the corruption of hard drive: If hard drive gets corrupted due to any reasons, then there is a chance of loss of files from the raw partition.
  • Abrupt shutdown of the system: When you are using your system and due to any known or unknown reasons, if the system gets shut down then there is a chance of corruption of file system which may lead the data loss from a raw partition.
  • Virus infection: Virus is a big problem in any system. If file system gets corrupted due to virus infection then there is a chance of loss of data from that raw partition.
  • Excess of bad sectors: Bas sectors happen due to system heating. If your system has so many bad sectors, then you cannot access your hard drive volumes. As a result, this may cause files loss from the raw partition.

Apart from this, there are many more other reasons behind the data loss from the raw partition. If you want to get back your data from raw partition, then just make a use of Laptop Disk Recovery software and recovers any type of lost files with great ease.

Some key features of Laptop Disk Recovery software:

  • This tool is compatible enough to recover lost data from a raw partition on all the major versions of Windows OS such as Windows10, Windows8, Windows7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • This tool recovers file from various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS + and HFSX.
  • Any type of image, video, music or other documents is easily recovered by Laptop Disk Recovery software.
  • An inbuilt smart algorithm of this tool provides you a simple platform where you can perform raw partition lost files recovery task without any trouble.
  • After completion of lost file recovering task, you can preview the recovered files

Best Tool to Recover Data from Raw Partition

Hi, I am managing more than one partition on my PC. Yesterday, when I tried to access one my hard drive partition it displayed an error message stating that you must need to format the partition before use. After that I formatted that hard drive partition, after formatting I noticed that my hard drive partition became raw. Now, I am desperately searching for a reliable raw partition recovery tool to restore data from raw partition hard drive easily without modifying the content of previously deleted data. If you have any solution, Please suggest me.

Some frequent scenarios that can make hard drive partition as RAW are listed as follows:

  • Virus and malware attack can cause corruption of entire hard drive partition or sometimes, it may corrupt only few partitions of hard drive and these corruption results that those partitions are become inaccessible. Hence, in order to regain the access on that hard drive partition at first you need to format that hard drive partition.
  • MBR corruption of hard drive partition also makes the hard drive raw because MBR contains all the necessary information regarding the file storage location and its structure. Apart from this MBR also contains index structure that provides the easiest way to access the files from hard drive.
  • While formatting the hard drive any interruption occurs that may cause the corruption of hard drive partition or it might become raw. Sometimes, while partitioning the hard drive any error occurs that can also make the entire hard drive inaccessible.
  • Some other scenarios like interruption while changing file system of hard drive, format error etc. can also make the hard drive partition raw.

Whenever you come across these above mentioned scenarios then you can use Photo Recovery tool that can revert back your raw hard drive partition again into healthy state. Photo Recovery tool is a utility; you can easily perform raw partition recovery in few simple steps.

Best features of Photo Recovery tool:

  • Photo Recovery tool can easily restore lost files from raw hard drive partition without much difficulty.
  • Besides photo recovery, this tool can also recover other missing files like document files, video files, audio files etc.
  • This tool can restore data from raw hard drive partition on following Windows and Mac operating system platforms like Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008 server, Mac Lion, OS X and Yosemite etc.
  • Supports file recovery from raw memory cards like CF, XD, SD and Memory sticks etc.
  • Recovery of deleted files from following hard drives file systems like FAT, NTFS, HFS+, NTFS5 and HFS X etc. is also possible with the help of this recovery tool.
  • Except raw partition recovery, it can also restore lost or deleted files from pen drives, flash drives, firewire drives and external hard drives etc.
  • By using the demo version of this raw hard drive partition recovery tool, you can restore the deleted files from raw partition hard drives and after recovery previewing of these recovered files is also possible by using this recovery tool.


Solution to Recover Seagate HDD Partition Data

A Seagate hard disk contains only one extensive partition which is split into several partitions on the basis of user’s need. Partitioning is carried out to store private, official, etc. information and file system in other partition. But, while working on PC user come across with unexpected loss of information from Seagate hard disk partition. When she / he think for appropriate scenario behind this type of unpredicted condition, they realize that partition gets damaged. Since they have stored their private information on that partition, it is essential to retrieve lost information.

As every crisis has an effective end, similarly there is an end for this one too. What happens when you encounter such kind of crisis? Do you have any idea? If no, then no need to worry just look at your storage device to make sure whether you have stored backup of such files. If no, then just stay calm as lost information can be recovered by means of recovery software. In order to conquer this unbearable condition, it is suggested to use partition recovery program. This ideal software can retrieve data from partition to undelete files including TIFF, JPEG, JPG, DNG, RAF, AVI, MOV, MP4, RM, MP3, AIFC, AIF, AIFF, RAR, PST, ZIP, etc. It is modified in such way that even home users and professionals can never feel difficulty while operating.

Common Seagate partition information loss scenarios are:

  • Regularly rebooting PC: Regularly rebooting PC as a result of sudden power failure result in Seagate hard drive partition corruption.
  • File system corruption: As a result of converting file system from FAT32 to NTFS or vice versa, in case any intrusion in between this process occurs, then it ends in file system corruption. Afterwards, while working on your PC, you can get an error message like “files do not exist”.
  • Bad sectors on Seagate hard drive: Bad sectors on Seagate hard disk can lead to partition corruption. Hence, all files begin to vanish abruptly. To know more scenarios behind Seagate HDD partition data loss, refer this link:

Nevertheless, it is possible to avoid above said Seagate hard disk partition information loss scenarios by taking backup of necessary files on any of storage devices such as USB drives, memory cards, iPods, FireWire drives, etc. Employ this tool to get back information from Seagate hard drive partitions such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS5, NTFS, etc. Additionally, it will restore information from a variety of hard drive types like SCSI, IDE, SATA, PATA, etc. of famous manufacturing brands such as Buffalo, Maxtor, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc. Moreover, it will recover files lost from reformatted, formatted, deleted or lost Seagate hard drive partitions with utmost ease.

It does full recovery of Seagate hard drive partition files without changing any files during the recovery process. You will use it on both all versions of both Mac and Windows OS. It will retrieve Seagate hard disk partition files lost as a result of inappropriate file transfer, unintentional deletion, virus infection, MFT corruption, etc. Employ the trial form of this tool to estimate the possibilities of getting information back. In the event, if you feel well-suited with its trial edition, then buy the licensed version.