Unique tool to bring back deleted documents

Losing important documents is very common thing today. It brings many questions in mind; when a person loses the documents, he usually think is there any tool to collect lost documents? We are introducing a very powerful tool to restore deleted documents, which makes you to collect lost documents easily. The tool restore deleted documents is widely used to recover lost documents either accidentally or intentionally. This is a very special tool used for quick scanning of documents.

The following are the salient features of this tool;

  • Performs quick scanning to recover lost documents.
  • It restores the documents in couple of minutes saving the valuable time.
  • It recovers all the documents including MS Word  files of versions 97,2000,2002,2003,2007,2010 and also MS Excel of versions 97,2000,2003,2007,2010.

This tool uses simple steps to bring your lost documents. It is best software to undelete documents. This software gives you a countless relief to your mind.

The following reasons indicate how the documents are deleted;

  • Holding the Shift + Delete button or using windows command prompt: This reason signifies the deletion of a document. Where the user delete all the important files using “Shift + Delete” button by thinking it is the very easier option than deleting from recycle bin.
  • Power interruption when you are executing a task: This is also one of the scenario where power starts interrupting the computer constantly. This makes the computer unable to execute the task leading to the loss of document.
  • Files did not moved to Recycle bin due to huge size:  When a file is deleted and if it has low size means it will easily go to recycle bin.
  • Making the Recycle bin empty: A user can delete the important files, which are present in recycle bin by pressing “Delete” option. This makes the recycle bin empty.

This software is capable of supporting MS word file recovery, because this software supports all versions of MS word files. The MS Word is the powerful application, which is used for producing specialized documents on windows. This tool gives a guarantee of regaining the MS Word documents.

This tool is broadly used for Excel document recovery  because this tool recovers all the MS Excel. The MS Excel is widely used for official purpose. Suppose you are maintaining office attendance in Excel sheet of your company employers. As it contains attendance of the employee, it is very valuable to you. When you lose this attendance file then you can recollect it from this software.

The software uses the following methods used to overcome from the reasons;

The software supports Mac deleted doc recovery application can recover lost documents from any Mac Operating systems. The software has quick scanning capacity, which scans the files and folders and gives a perfect result. When a file is erased then it will never be wiped off from the storage drive. The pointer associated with lost file is removed and space marked as free to hold new data. However, the real file remains intact until that space is occupied by some other file. Stop using the storage drive after deleting the file and when you observed that file is lost and you want to recover excel files then immediately remove storage drive from computer.