Data Recovery from External USB Drive

I decided to format my computer device memory in order to make it free from virus. Therefore I have transferred important files to an external USB device as a backup storage. After formatting everything was fine but when I connected USB device to the computer to store my all important files which I preserved earlier, I am getting displayed an error message which says to format the drive. Without noticing I have formatted usb device thereby lost data from it. Now I need to retrieve data from external usb device which I have lost accidentally. Can anyone suggest me?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus is an external storage device which is used to store data and can easily be reused whenever it is required. You can easily transfer the files from one device to another device with the help of usb. If your USB drive gets corrupted, then you may have to format the device which results in loss of data. In such situations you will not have to worry, with the help of External USB Recovery tool you can easily recover lost data. External usb drive recovery tool gets back your lost data from external usb device in a very simple and easy way. It helps you in recovering different file formats like audio files, pictures, documents, video files and many more.

Additional Features of External USB Drive Recovery Tool:

  • External USB Drive Recovery Software consists of powerful scanning algorithm, which scans the entire device and gets back lost data.
  • External USB Drive Recovery Software works effectively on different versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.
  • It works well in recovering data from major brands of USB devices like Kingston, SanDisk, HP, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, Western, etc.
  • It also supports different Mac Operating System platforms like Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks and Yosemite.
  • This tool also facilitates save recovery session feature which avoids rescanning of the device again and again.
  • The free trial version is another added advantage as by downloading it you can preview lost files.

The following are some cases that lead to loss of data from usb drive.

While transferring the files from one device to another device, you need to select the files. After selecting, if you click delete button by mistake instead of other option then your data from usb device get deleted. There may be instances where the user will format the USB drive instead of formatting a local drive on their system, which will erase the entire data from the device. If you eject usb device suddenly without following necessary steps then it can lead to loss of data from usb drive. While using the usb device, if system gets shutdown due to power surge, low battery etc. this results in loss of data from external usb drive. If you want to store new files on your usb drive firstly you need to transfer those files to computer before deleting. If any interruption occurs during transfer of files then this can result in corruption of files, which makes the files inaccessible. When you connected your usb device to the computer which contains strong anti-virus software and in case if the files stored in the USB drive is already infected then it will remove the files along with the viruses.