Dell Hard Drive Failure Data Recovery

Hard drive is the most essential part of Dell laptop. It is used for storing and retrieving the critical information by using rapidly rotational disk coated with magnetic material. It provides a large storage capacity, and it takes less time to store or retrieve the data than floppy disk and CD ROM. However due to MBR corruption, abrupt shut down, power surge etc causes hard drive to get corrupt.

Let us discuss some reason behind Dell hard drive failure.

  • MBR corruption: The MBR or Master Boot Record is an essential piece of code and plays major role for booting the windows. If it gets corrupt from viruses it does not allow the BIOS to boot the operating system and results in Dell hard drive failure.
  • Power surge: Sudden Power surge can be caused system BIOS to make unable to detect hard drive, or hard drive could not be able to spin up. This may results in data loss. Some times in worst case it makes Dell hard drive to get fail.
  • Abrupt shutdown: Unethical way to shutdown the system, sudden system shut down due to power failure, force restart can causes your file system to get corrupt and makes Dell hard drive inaccessible.
  • Human errors: Human error causes major damage to hard drive. For example modifying the system registry setting, altering system files attribute and location, wrong installation and removal of operating system etc causes hard drive get corrupt.

What are the Precautions should follow in order to avoid Dell hard drive failure??

  • You are needed to scan Dell hard drive consistently in order to avoid it from virus infection.
  • Make use of well known UPS in order to get required power supply so that you can avoid power surge.
  • Always use standard way to shutdown the system, and it is also recommended to close any running programs before closing the system.

Even though if you failed to take precautionary measures then simply make use of Removable Drive Recovery Software to perform Dell hard drive failure data recovery very easy.

Features of Removable Drive Recovery Tool are as follows

  • Removable Drive Recovery Tool is very helpful in scanning whole Dell drive by taking few minutes in order to recover all the data from formatted, deleted or inaccessible partitions.
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  • Built in algorithm helps this tool to identify and recover up to 300 file types including images, audio, and video, excel sheets, spreadsheets, email archives, zip archives and other important files based on their unique signature.
  • Recovered data will be sorted on basis of date, size, file type, and name to make it easier to find out. It allows user to make use of ‘save recovery session’ to avoid re-scanning of hard drives.
  • This application is very helpful in recovering the data from different types of hard drives such as SATA / SCSI / IDE Hard drives. In addition it also supports recovering of data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT partitions / drives. And this tool allows users to save the data in desired destination location.