Eager to know how to restore deleted photos from SD card

Perhaps you have unknowingly deleted all precious photos of your last summer vacation by using delete all option while previewing them on your camera with SD memory card? Want to recover those deleted pictures from your SD memory card? Just chill, card recovery tool is the perfect solution for all of your problems related to data loss. The photo recovery using this recovery software is possible because whenever you delete any photo from your SD card or any other data storage device then operating system will only delete the file pointer and marks the space as “free” to add new file. If you add new data on the same memory space then it will overwrite the old data and you might permanently lose your pictures. In the event if you have not added data then you can try this software and recover images deleted from SD card by making use of in-built scanning algorithms.

You will find different sources that are available in the market to store huge amount of data. Digital cameras are capable of clicking images, recording videos and they can also store data by using various forms of memory cards like SD card, CF cards, SDHC, SDXC etc. SD represents Secure Digital and it uses flash memory to hold and manage digital information. It is designed based on embedded technology and can be categorized into two categories Mini card and Macro card. Even though it provides many security features to store and preserve the data but still you may face data loss either due to some human mistakes or software errors.

Just have a look on some more data loss situations which you might experience in the future while using storage devices.

What are the causes for losing data from storage devices?

  • Accidentally emptying the Recycle Bin causes loss of stored data.
  • Clicking images when the camera is on low battery.
  • Deletion of pictures from cameras memory card by mistake.
  • Making use of SD memory card in various digital cameras results in corruption leading to loss of data.
  • Improper shut down of digital camera makes the stored images inaccessible causing data loss.
  • Unintentionally pressing on “Format card” option leads to severe loss of data.
  • In the event if the file system of your memory card gets corrupted then it fails to open the stored images resulting in data loss.

Precautionary measures to be followed:

  1. Always use good power source.
  2. Backup your valuable photos, videos, audio etc regularly.
  3. Keep your PC updated with reliable antivirus tool.
  4. Do not remove your data storage device without using proper exit option.
  5. Turn off your digital camera or computer properly.

After following all the essential protective steps mentioned above still if you lose your precious picture from your SD card, no need to worry you can easily recover photos from SD memory card by using card recovery program. This software can effectively recover photos from hard drive after crash due to operating system crash, file system corruption, boot sector virus, sudden power failure etc. It can also carry out lost photo recovery from various electronic devices like iPods, iPhones, laptops, computer, memory cards etc. By making use of this photo restoration software you can preview retrieved pictures by using “preview” option. The working procedure of this software is very user friendly and can be used without any professional help.

First evaluate the trial version of the card recovery software and install it on the hard disk of your PC. Now run the card recovery software and select appropriate recovery options which you face while making use of software. When you’re done with the photo restoration process you can check the performance of the tool and if you are fully satisfied with the recovery results you can opt for the full version of the software available on the internet.