File recovery from sanDisk memory card

The storage devices in the present day are very user-friendly with its attractive features. Storage devices like memory cards can be easily mounted on any device to store data and these memory cards are easily portable too. They are used on most of the gadgets like digital cameras, Smartphones, cell phones, camcorders, etc and digital cameras, camcorders are the prominent gadgets that make use of these memory cards frequently. The various brands of cameras that make use of flash memory cards are Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Canon, Kodak, Nikon and Casio and many more. There are wide varieties of memory card brands and most prominent brands are Sony, Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend and Samsung.

Memory card data can be lost due to varieties of reasons. Assume that while processing some data from SanDisk micro SD card on your desktop, you accidentally formatted the memory card. The process emptied all the data on your memory card and you ended up in data loss. But in reality, the data files on the memory card is not deleted, but access to those files is been canceled and thus the files are made invisible to you. If the formatted memory card is not overwritten i.e. not using the card for further new data storage on it then the lost data can be easily retrieved back by means of file recovery from Sandisk. This recovery utility can recover all the lost data files from the formatted memory cards.

The other common scenarios that cause data loss on memory cards are:

  • Virus attack – If the memory card is affected by any harmful virus or malware then the data stored on it will become corrupt and thus data is lost.
  • The sudden removal of the device – When you are processing any data on the memory card connecting it to the system and if you remove the device suddenly without completing the task, the data that was being processed might get corrupt.
  • Improper Mounting – Memory cards have to be properly mounted on the devices before performing any task on the card. Else the data might get corrupt.
  • Power Supply – While using memory cards like SD cards on digital cameras, if the power supply to the camera is insufficient i.e. when it is showing low battery warning, then the memory card might get corrupt and thus you lose all the data present on it.

The recover utility can handle all the data loss situations as mentioned here and easily recovers all the lost data. It effectively recovers all media files like MPEG, PNG, DIV, MOV, AVI, TIF, CRW, etc.   The advantageous features of this recovery software are:

  • Effectively recovers lost data from corrupt memory card.
  • Recovers all media files that are lost from various memory cards due to the corruption of memory card.
  • Recovers all photo file types from all the corrupt or damaged memory cards like JPEG, JPG, CR2, GIF, CRW, RAW, etc.
  •  Recovers all files like DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, etc.
  • Recovers corrupt data from formatted memory cards like Kinston, SanDisk, etc.

If you are the one having lost any data like photos from memory cards then make use of this recovery utility to recover photos from memory cards. The software supports both Windows and Mac OS and you can check for the software efficiency by using demo version. Download the software available for both Windows and Mac OS separately and try to recover your lost data. If the demo version works well and recovers all your data then purchase the complete software.