Guideline to recover files from formatted hard drive

Hard drive is a device used for storing and retrieving files and folders, every computer users are well aware with the importance of hard drive. It’s like tumbler in which computer stores all its data. We can’t store a single file on computer without the hard drive. There are various kind of HDD are available in market such as-SATA/ IDE/SASI/SAS/ATA/SCSI etc. You can differentiate then through their pin configuration and storage capacity. User prefers to divide hard drive into separate sectors, for storing our files in proper manner. These sectors are known as logical drive or partition on windows or volume on Mac. There is one term called “Formatting” which users use to keep their drive healthy and virus free. When we format hard drive or its partition, the operating system will erases entire data from the disk. If you format your drive after verifying each and every file then is fine, but if it not then it results to huge loss.

Like sometime accidentally you delete wrong partition while deleting unwanted partition, or sometime you need to format you partition to make it virus free. It is always advice to maintain a backup and upgrade it regularly after time to time. But due to carelessness users generally avoid it, as they find found it as time waste. No one knows future, when you have to pay for this careless ness you don’t know and formatted hard drive recovery is not an easy task.

Let’s assume one scenario, one day you woke from your bed and on your system for playing songs. You click on drive in which you have all your music collection, but what you get shocked after seeing that you are unable to open that particular drive and to make it accessible you need to format it. Later on you realized that you forgot to keep a backup of that partition. You get upset and starts blaming yourself for not maintain a backup. Here you have to pay a lot for your carelessness. Come out from the imagination it’s just an assumption, but is really what happen now-a-days. Don’t worry every problem has solution, after formatting still you have chance to recover your data back by using formatted hard drive recovery tool.


  • File system corruption: Every HDD is having some own file systems, which used to maintain the physical locations of the files stored in it.  There are different types of file system like:-FAT (FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/ ex FAT) for Windows and Mac, NTFS / NTFS5 only for Windows, HFS /HFS+ only for Mac. So we can format our hard drive for upgrading a file system.
  • Virus infection: Viruses and errors corrupt the data and make it difficult for you to open the files. In such condition your system speed becomes sluggish and speed it up formatting becomes must.
  • Reformatting: In converting the existing file system like from FAT to NTFS or from FAT to HFS users format their system partition, without thinking that after formatting they will lose their entire data.

Note: Formatting a drive does not actually erase the data for forever. It just removes the pointer of your files / folders. So do not panic, if you are suffering from any scenarios in which you have to format your hard drive or its partition. Without thinking much choose trial version of formatted hard drive recovery tool. It is the best solution of your data loss problem. If you using WD hard drive then no need to worry this tool also supports western digital hard drive recovery.  It can retrieve each file and folder as it is in its original form. By using this tool, you can easily recover Mac OS X files. After trying its trial version you can estimate its efficiency. If is as per your expectation you can go for its full version.