How Surface Dock Turns Device into a Computer Desktop

Surface Dock Turns DeviceIt seems you the new thing about the device is getting turn as computer desktop; it means we can use the desktop computer by connecting the device. It is highly questionable thing which can be cleared about this, with the help of this article; you’ll come to know how the device can be use as a computer desktop when it is connected with the Surface Desktop. Before this, the foremost thing which you need to know about what surface dock is and what it do to changing the usage of device as computer. This is really new to hear right. Surface Book can transform into a desktop PC with the help of Surface Dock, a versatile new accessory that comes with a few challenges.

What is Surface Dock?

Surface Dock is the basic tool which helps to turn your device into the computer, when you connect device with the Surface Dock, then you can make access the computer desktop. It provides expansion for most of the users. While coming to its components. It has two USB 3.0 port on the back side and same two ports on the front. So the four ports are designed in the Surface Dock. Now with the advanced technology, USB 3.0 blue color is designed, which helps to know the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

Two Mini Display Port are specially designed for the purpose of playing video file even of large size and similarly to this, hack a headphone jack style is for audio port.  You need not require more connection of cable for connecting computer system as there is easy way in which single thing is more enough for the connection with the peripheral of computer. It also needed only one cable connection between the Surface Book and the Surface dock, thanks to Surface Connect, Microsoft’s proprietary interface. So the users who use for travelling may not feel any difficulty.Surface Dock Turns Device

Make use of power adapter for convenient:  

If you need to connect Surface Book to power using the normal power adapter and after this, connect to the docking station with USB. But that may be an acceptable trade-off for many.