How to Recover Lost Drive Data?

Hard drive is used to store all the important files such as images, videos, music, PowerPoint files, Word documents, PDF files, etc.  Sometimes, the files from your computer may get deleted due to some known or unknown reasons which results in severe data loss. Sometimes data from hard drive get deleted due to some user mistakes or due to damage in the hard drive. If you have backup of those deleted files then you can easily recover it but if you do not have backup, then what will you do?recover lost hard drive data

In such situation, you need not to worry, and make use of Lost Drive Recovery software to recover the deleted data from hard drive of computer. This software is made up of smart scanning algorithm which helps in scanning the entire system and recover lost hard drive data within few minutes.

Common data loss scenario from hard drive:

  • The common reason behind loss of data from hard drive is formatting. It may happens when you try format one of the unwanted hard drive partitions and by mistake, you may format some other partition. This will result in loss of entire data from hard drive.
  • Sometimes, you want to store some new data on your computer hard disk drive and the disk space may be less. In such a situation, you have to remove unwanted data from your system. While deleting those unwanted data you may accidentally delete some important files. As a result, those data may be deleted permanently from computer hard drive.
  • Due to virus or malware attack on computer hard drive, the hard drive may become inaccessible or get corrupted. Hence, you may encounter some error message like ‘Disk drive not formatted; do you want to format it now? This message indicate that your hard drive get corrupted and you are not able to access the files.
  • Apart from the given reason other causes that is responsible for deletion of data from hard drive are by installation of operating system, file system corruption, files transfer interruption, bad sectors, repartitioning of hard drive, etc.


Features of Lost Drive Recover Software:

This software has the ability to recover data from deleted partition in hassle free manner. It recovers more than 300 file types. This software has in built find option recovery tool which helps to retrieve data on the basis of file name, file type, date of creation, etc. You are provided with resume facility by using save file recovery session tool. By using this tool you can easily resume recovering of data any time. It is a read only which helps in recovering data without making any changes to the original file format.  You can use this software for recovering files from hard drive of FAT16, FAT32, HFS, NTFS and HFS+ partitions. This Lost Drive Recovery software supports different versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. You can also use this tool to retrieve data from different types of hard drive such as SATA, IDE, PATA, etc. It can even retrieve data from external hard drive, pen drive, flash drive, memory card, SD card, etc.