How to Retrieve Formatted Hard Drive


Hard disk drive is hardware devices that are used to store information like software and files. C drive is generally called as the primary hard disk of a laptop or PC. Have you ever come across situation when you accidentally format your hard disk? If you are into this situation then, do not keep wondering on how to recover formatted hard drive? You can now relax there is no need of combing your system for the obstacle. You can now recover data from your HDD easily with few steps. This Hard Disk Recovery software has powerful built-in functionality to recover data even after you format your hard disk drive.

Data gets deleted from hard disk drive most often due to human errors. General people believe that once data gets deleted accidentally by user, it gets lost permanently, but in reality, the scenario is other. Whenever user deletes a data by mistake, only the pointer address of the data is lost, and the space in the hard disk is marked as free. Data gets deleted permanently only if it gets overwritten.

Consider a situation, where you decide to format entire D drive of your system, but accidentally you format the E drive, which included many important documents, media files and data. All you need to do is use Hard Drive Recovery software for your HDD. This software has features to rescue data from both windows and Mac series of laptop and desktop.

Scenarios that may lead to hard drive format:

  • Accidentally format: As discussed above, user wishes to format a particular drive, but end up formatting some other drive unintentionally. Now you can even retrieve data after formatoperation.
  • Partition Deletion: Sometimes user ends up in a horrified scenario, when they desire to recover deleted partition. If you have deleted a partition that treasured all your important and memorable photos, videos, audio, you can now restore data that got deleted, by this software which performs deep scanning and recovers all your image files within a fraction of second. Even opting for re-partition of your hard disk drive may cause deletion of data.
  • Restoration of data when OS is in abnormal state:If you trying to restore the data when Operating System is in abnormal state. Then you get error message like “Restoration point is not found” this may leads to data loss in hard drive.
  • Virus or malware attack: When you not installed with any anti-virus software in computer system or you are using external devices which are virus affected then you have to format the hard drive this leads to data lose.

 Precautions to be taken after deletion:

Once your hard disk gets formatted accidentally, or you delete some important partition and data from your hard drive, you should immediately stop performing any read write operation. You should not save any file into the hard disk, so as to prevent overwriting of deleted data. Use a secure recovery utility to rescue all your deleted data.

Features of the Hard Drive Recovery software:

This application is capable of retrieving all deleted data from partition or volumes. Retrieve files from formatted hard drive and even re-partitioned hard drive. Recover data from hard drive. This utility provides extremely fast built-in “find tool” to find files in recovered data list. This application offers built in deep scanning algorithm to find out data from deleted partitions. You have a choice to add your own new extensions of files that are not included in the list. This tool recovers lost files from file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT etc.

Hard drive recovery software will safely restores original files and folders. It is advised to download demo version of the software, available for free of cost. It makes you to understand how to recover lost files from hard drive with out any prior knowledge. Demo version provides you to preview of the all lost files, by using license key you can restore them back infraction of seconds.