Let’s get back our data with the use of External Hard Drive Recovery tool

People cherish to keep all data in a very safe place like a locker that includes photos, documents, favorite music, videos/movie etc. The very purpose of doing that is to make it available whenever they need it. Technology has made many major inventions, digital storage devices is one such revolutionary step. There are many digital storage devices available in market like memory cards, pen drive, SSD drive, external hard drive, etc.

The main advantages of external hard drive is its large capacity and portability. External hard drive allows us to manage large amount of data, which otherwise is a tedious task to do. Every major manufacturer of PC are making their own model of external hard drive, as the demand is so high. External hard drive is subjected to several data loss scenarios; one among those is mounting external hard drive into an infected PC. Scanning with an antivirus might not be of any help, if antivirus is not updated and the possibilities of damaging our file is still very high. Left with no other option and are forced to do a format. What normally happens with most people in such situations is that they get panicked; and unknowingly overwrite all the files that are recoverable. So what must be done in order to reclaim all the missing or unreachable files from external hard drive? Well all you need to do is get a promising and efficient external hard drive recovery tool.

Other External Hard Drive Data Loss Situations:

  • Accidental formatting external hard drive instead of a local disk.
  • By mistake deleted some of the files or all files from external hard drive.
  • Disk not formatted error while trying to access the external hard drive in “My Computer”
  • External hard drive not getting recognized in “My Computer”.
  • Data loss due to interruption while moving files from external hard drive to other storage device or vice versa.
  • Ejecting the external hard drive abruptly, when file is in use.

Why we need an External Hard Drive recovery tool?

External hard drive data recovery tool might become handy for the person who deals with External hard drive so often, as it will be carrying lot of data, which is of high priority, whether it be a user of business class or any other type. We never wish to become victims of data loss and can never allow that to happen. Whatever may be the reason for data loss, we just need to get it back without fail, nothing else matters. In any case, we are badly in need for an External hard drive recovery tool.

You have got plenty hard drive recovery tools in market, choosing the right recovery tool makes it easy for you. External Hard Drive File Recovery software is one among the best pick to recover your external hard drive. I got a major problem with my newly purchased Toshiba external hard drive and I made use of this tool. Believe it or not, it can recover data from Toshiba external hard drive that is a proven fact for me. The main striking features of this software are it’s a read only application, less time consuming and easy to use interface. It provides technical support, which is available 24×7. You can also visit externalharddrivefilerecovery.com to get more information.

Additional Features of External Hard Drive File Recovery:

  • Scans your entire external hard drive and recover the deleted files.
  • Stores the recovered files in a new destination location, which is set by the user.
  • Recovered files can be sorted according to the date or file size or by name.
  • Find option is present to locate a particular file.
  • Can make a zip archive drive to store recovered files/folders in order to save disk space
  • Accidentally formatted files and folders can be recovered.

Precautions to keep your Data safe:

  • Never mount your drive into a PC, which is not safe. Make sure its virus free before mounting.
  • If you have made use of format/permanent delete option, don’t rewrite your external hard drive with new files before recovering it.
  • Eject your external hard drive safely after usage.