Recover Lost Content From Memory Card

Memory card is an storage device which is mostly used in mobile phones, MP3 Players, Video Gaming consoles, Tablets, Digital Camera to enhance the storage capacity. Memory card is an electronic flash memory storage component used for storing the digital data. Memory cards are re-recordable, very small in size and can store data without any extra power connection. There are various types of memory cards such as SD, SDHC, MMC, MiniSD, MicroSD, etc. it was firstly introduced in 1990 as a PC cards but later it was used in industrial applications as flash memory cards.

I have enjoyed the holiday trip with my friends and have clicked so many photos by mobile phone. After few days when I try to view those photos on my phone and suddenly I realized that photos are disappeared from my phones memory card due to corruption of memory card. This miserable thing drives me in the state of shock because I have lost my precious memories. I want to recover lost content from memory card along with my all photos. This above situation might arrive unintentionally but not to worry because you may use the Memory Card Recovery Software to obtain the content from the corrupted memory card.

Major Scenarios of Losing Content from Memory Card:

  • The main reason which causes to lose data from memory card is the corruption of memory card. Corruption of memory card is normally happened due to file system of memory is got corrupted due to various unintentional reasons.
  • There is strong chance of human errors which cause to wipe data from memory card. Accidentally formatting the memory card by format card option on phone, unintentionally deleting the data from memory card, these human errors are more likely to wipe data from memory card.
  • When memory card is performing some tasks like copying or moving the files from one device to another device and simultaneously the memory card is ejected abruptly from mobile may cause to deletion of data from memory card.
  • When memory card is attached with computer by card reader and doing file moving action and if you pull off the memory card during file moving process will eventually result in loss of content from memory card.
  • Hazardous virus threat may be the strong reason behind data loss from memory because once the virus has entered in the memory card it starts altering the data on memory card.

Precautions to Avoid Data Loss from Memory Card:

You can duly minimize the risk of data loss by taking regular backup of data from memory card. Attaching the memory card to antivirus application installed system may restrict virus to affect the data from memory card. Before ejecting the memory card ensuring completion of process like file moving will avoid the content loss.

Salient Features of Memory Card Recovery Tool:

Memory Card Recovery Software is the best way to obtain back lost files from corrupted memory card. This award winning tool is capable enough to recover the lost data from SD card, Micro SD, Mini SD, MMC, SDXC, XD, etc. This particular software has the “find” option which facilitates the user to find the files on the basis of its file type, name, date created, and size of file. Memory Recovery Utility is efficient to recover the RAW photo files which are created by various camera brands like Kodak, Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, etc. this tremendous tool has the potent algorithm which can recover the data within very less amount of time. It has very easy user interface which guides user to recover lost data with utmost ease. It can recover the lost data from various memory cards like SanDisk, Transcend, Toshiba, LaCie, Maxtor, etc. to know more about the Toshiba memory card recovery click here: