Software to Repair Adobe Photoshop File

Photoshop is a picture editing utility that are widely used across the world by many professional photographers and common people. It has many features such as transparency, text, duotone setting, clipping paths, CMYK mode, masks, alpha channels, etc. Photoshop files are saved in .psd file format. Sometimes you are unable to open PSD file in Photoshop application as it gets corrupted due to various reasons. If you are facing such situations then make use of repairing software to repair corrupted PSD file. You can find many tools that are available online that can repair PSD file but you can make use of PSD Repair Software because it is reviewed and recommended by many industrial experts to repair corrupted PSD repair.

Reasons responsible for corruption of PSD file:

Virus Attack: Virus is the common reasons behind corruption of any file including PSD file. These viruses may come while transferring files from system to some other storage device or via network and makes your PSD file inaccessible.

Changing File Type: You have downloaded any PSD file from the internet and you changed its file format. This type of changing may leads to corrupt your PSD file and even if you want to change it back to its original file format then also you may not able to access those PSD file.

File system Corruption: File system may get corrupted due to unexpected power failure or sudden shutdown of system. In such situation, you will not able to open any files including PSD files.

Incomplete Download: If you have downloaded any PSD file which is incomplete then there is high possibility that it is in corrupt state and you can’t do anything on Photoshop application.

Improper Installation: When Adobe Photoshop application is not properly installed on your system, then it will show an error message when you try to open your pictures in Photoshop application.

Other Reasons: Changing file type, system storage issues, bad sectors are some of the other reasons behind corruption of PSD file.

Precautions to be taken to avoid corruption of PSD file:

  • When working on PSD files avoid interruptions like improper shutdown of system or power surge.
  • Always use update Antivirus on your system to make them from virus attack.
  • Avoid improper terminating of Photoshop application when you are working on it.

Features of PSD Repair Software:

  • This software can fix PSD file that will not open on Photoshop application on different editions like CS5, CS6, 7.0,CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, etc.
  • It fixes PSD file with different depth channel like 1, 16, 8, and 32 bit per channel.
  • Using Photoshop Repair Software, you can recover Photoshop images with all color modes supported such as Multichannel color, RGB color, CMYK color, Gray-scale, Indexed color, Bitmap and duotone.
  • It doesn’t modify or alter your original file when repairing process is going on or after the repairing process.
  • This software repaired PSD file on different versions of Windows (Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc) and Mac (Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc) operating system.
  • It can fix PSD file on different storage device such as external hard drives, USB flash drive, memory cards, memory sticks, etc.