Virtual Reality is ready to launch, but could it crash and burn?

Virtual Reality is referred as computer stimulated reality which replicates an environment that stimulates a physical presence in the imagined or real world allowing users to interact in that world. It mainly creates sensory experiences which include sight, smell, touch and hearing. Virtual Reality’s potential was obviously incredible, but the drawbacks were equally terrifying. The concept of VR headsets like Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR is still in desperate need of modification.oculus-rift-6-1-440x292-c


  • A high-quality and reasonably priced into the world of Virtual Reality
  • Easily turn your smartphone into a fully-featured VR headset
  • Comfortable with face contact foam and adjustable head straps
  • Compatible with tons of VR apps, 3D movies and immersive games
  • It’s just as exciting to watch someone else experiencing it
  • Compatible with Android and Apple phones
  • Adjustable lens for optimal vision (means that you can use them without wearing glasses)
  • Wireless 360 head tracking
  • Compatible with hundreds of free and inexpensive VR apps, 3D movies and games. All available to download from the Play Store and App Store

Not worth the headache

Sony launched PlayStation VR after Oculus Rift. The game was arranged with new features as well as with various modes which is much prettier than before as they are upgraded to a 1080p resolution.img_2851-2-640x640

Whether that is the limitation in the hardware or software is up to debate. After increasing the resolution of the HMD display, the text will be read clearly in Rift. Oculus’ work on increasing the resolution which will help them top read the text clearly.

And my ongoing disagree with VR-induced motion sickness continued. Some people mentioned some issue with VR is that some people feel sick while using VR headset. Whereas Sony warned in GDC this year that if they feel sick then let the followers know and stop playing. By the end of our session, I was burdened with severe pain in both my head and stomach which lasted me the rest of the day. Oculus Rift and PlayStation Virtual Reality are set to be released in the coming year.