Way to undelete pictures or images from computers/PC.

Are you eager to know the ways that can recover deleted pictures from Personal Computer?

You will certainly find answers to all your queries here in this article. If you really want to get back your lost/deleted photos from your hard disk of your PC or from your Android phones then you need to use the recovery software.

It may have happened to you might have deleted all the memorable or precious photos mistakenly from your computer and regretting for what you have done unwillingly. Hence, most of the users have the mentality, which makes them to think that if the photos or files are deleted from the hard disk and not stored in the Recycle Bin then they are deleted permanently. Removing the misconception here by stating that if file bypasses the Recycle Bin or deleted using the Shift Delete then the file is not deleted permanently, only the access to them is lost as it is hidden in hard disk or Android phone memory.

If you really think that the deleted photos were important and you want to restore deleted pictures from PC, better to follow few of the mentioned ways that will keep your photos away from loss/deletion and also from inaccessible state.

Note: Whenever it comes to your notice that photos had been deleted or missing from your device then very first thing you need to do is stop using that device. The concept behind this compelled action is to keep your files safe. If you follow the rule then the files will be kept secured in your Android phones or pc. If you keep on using the device then the files will be overwritten by other new saved files on the space and those files, which were in recoverable mode, will be completely deleted.

After reading the above note one might stick with the question and that is how to recover deleted photos from Android mobile?

You will get the very simple answer after clicking the above mentioned link in the question. Yes of course, you cannot only recover photos but also other types of files from your Android phones. The common medium which is used in the Android phone is the memory card and also the internal memory which is based on the file system. And if you are using the recovery software then definitely all the data is going to be recovered from any source either Android phone or PC.

Give a glimpse on the below mentioned scenarios that will result in deletion of file from any of the devices.

• Downloading the application may change the manual settings to default (factory settings) of Android phones and this may sometimes results in deletion of photo files

• If you have emptied the Recycle Bin, then all the files will be deleted permanently and will result in complete deletion

• Sudden terminating of the system by using the power button or caused due to power failure will result in deletion of photos (while transferring of files or files opened in the system)

Apart, you can take the precautions that will save your files from deletion. Install the antivirus in the system or in the Android phones, keep the backup & restoring points, & never reset the mobile to factory settings. These will keep the files safe from loss. At last if you find that no precaution is going to work for you then you can opt for the recovery procedure using recovery software.